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    About Us

    goHyP an acronym for Go Hire Your Professional was born out of the need for small and medium scale industries to hire talented Engineers/Professionals on a regular basis for specific tasks which require specialization and skill set which may not be available within the organisation. With increased competition and reduced margins in business, it is difficult employ these professionals on rolls only for specific projects.

    goHyP is an online marketplace that connects Employer/Business Owners with Engineers / Professionals. The website is a platform for all the Engineers / Professionals to find work purely based on the talent and skill set. The website serves as a go to place for Employer/ Business Owners to search and hire for Engineers/Professionals with relevant skills and experience to work on a part time / full time or project basis with confidence as the enrolled professionals are scrutinized and only the professionals whose credentials have been verified are allowed to enroll on the website to offer services.

    goHyP provides solutions to overcome this challenge and connect the professionals to potential employers on a need basis. Businesses can now focus on their core activities and professionals engaged from goHyP with right qualifications, experience and skill will be able to manage the one time requirement.


    As entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry we faced a constant need of high quality professionals required for niche jobs within projects for small periods of time and it was getting hard to get the right talent on the fly. We wished if we had an app or a website catering to Small and Medium scale businesses which require quality talent on an ongoing basis for different projects. goHyP was born out of this need to fulfill this ever rising demand in the industry. The goal of goHyP is  to provide a unique curated online marketplace for all the engineers/professionals to connect with business owners looking for quality professionals and expertise on an “on demand” basis.

    The platform envisions to leverage the huge number of engineers/professionals with expertise to work on project based work for small and medium scale  industries.

    goHyP is promoted by two entrepreneurs with 20+ years of combined experience in manufacturing and Information Technology.