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    Dec 27 th, 2018
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    How Autocad Freelancers Earn Good Money

    Adding AutoCAD to your skills set opens up great opportunities for those looking for a future in design. But, the question often plagues them whether it is profitable to freelance in this field or not. Here are a few cases on goHyP that show how freelancers have made good money by putting their knowledge to good use in outsourced projects.

    How Autocad Freelancers Earn Good Money

    Jahangeer is a Technical Entrepreneur running a small engineering service company. Under him about 10 Engineers and draftsman work who has expertise in designing and drafting engineering components and equipments like conveyor system, cement plant engineering, power plant engineering, batching plants etc. He found it difficult to run the company and paying salaries to 10 engineers. But this changed after bidding to one of the projects which involved 5 engineers over a period of one month. Jahangeer cleverly utilised all the engineers who had expertise in AutoCAD drawing and deployed them to a well know medium sized company for detailing of engineering components based on their assembly drawings. goHyP gave him a platform where he could use his knowledge of AutoCAD to improve revenues and skills of engineers like file management and layer management while working on the projects. Jahangeer makes sure he takes up projects that require a minimum amount of time since he has to juggle between many projects.

    Prasad GLV is a seasoned AutoCAD freelancer with over a decade of experience under his belt. He is proficient in creating 2D engineering drawings, 2D/3D assembly drawings. Working in the comfort of his home, Prasad GLV easily makes ₹2500 per day on the projects he works on.  While it hadn’t been easy for Prasad GLV to start his journey, one successful project outsourced by the country’s top design company, helped him pave his path to be a successful freelancer. goHyP has given him the opportunity to really hone in on his capabilities without having to answer anyone.

    Sambeet Kumar Mishra is a part-time freelancer with a proper day job for the past 8 years. He works as a mechanical designer in a prestigious company but wishes to increase his expertise. His work in the organisation uses Piping Design mainly, but Sambeet wanted to work using AutoCAD too. Thus, he took up freelancing at goHyP, in between work projects.  Doing things he enjoys the most like managing CAD, CAM & CAE design activities on AutoCAD gives Sambeet the freedom to do these projects as per his convenience. Along with his salary, he is easily drawing ₹1000 per day on these part-time projects.

    So, as we can see, irrespective of your experience, there is always the opportunity of AutoCAD freelancers to make good money.