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    Apr 5 th, 2019
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    Impending Boost For Mechanical Engineers – Predictions For 2019-2020

    Impending boost for mechanical engineers - predictions for 2019-2020

    The manufacturing industry in India is on the verge of experiencing massive growth in the next few years. Statistics reveal that India is moving up in the global manufacturing competitiveness index by a few places and will be ranked number “5” by 2020.

    Impending boost for mechanical engineers - predictions for 2019-2020

    Published on 28 August 2017, by Deloitte

    This implies that mechanical and manufacturing industries will soon require skilled, talented and innovative mechanical engineers in large numbers to keep up with this sudden boom. Initiatives like “Make in India” and “Skill India” are further strengthening this by opening a lot of new avenues for skilled mechanical engineers to display their competence in new and existing transformational companies. As a mechanical engineer one can, be a part of any of the following segments of the mechanical or manufacturing industry:

    • Research and development
    • Design
    • Production
    • Analysis and testing
    • Installation
    • Maintenance

    “Make in India” has identified six superstar sectors which are seeing significant growth over the past few years, they are automotive, renewable energy, food processing, pharmaceutical, roads and transport, electronic system design and manufacturing. Apart from these a lot of opportunities are seen emerging in aeronautical, space research, air conditioning, oil and gas refineries, turbine manufacturing, nanotechnology, material design, biomedical and environmental conservation, chemical industry, glass, and ceramic industries.

    To benefit from these developments, freelance engineers can develop or improve the following skills:

    • Proficiency in computers, learn useful software tools like AUTOCAD/CAM, graphic design, 3D design and so on.
    • Collaborate or contribute on as many diverse projects as possible in different industries as freelancers to gain valuable experience.
    • Develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills. It becomes easier to express your technical capabilities and experience. A good portfolio goes a long way in getting most sought projects.
    • Be updated about all latest industry developments. Subscribe to as many newsletters, be a part of forums, actively read industry related blogs and so on.
    • Additional certificates and short-term training programs add a lot of value to profiles.

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