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    Feb 12 th, 2018
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    Why it is imperative to update your freelancing profile

    When it comes to freelancing, nothing is more important than your portfolio and profile. It is the ticket to securing the finest freelance projects, especially on online, which is why it goes without saying that an up-to-date profile strongly resonates with prospective employers. Here are some simple tips to complete your profile:

    Why it is imperative to update your freelancing profile

    How to update your profile:

    First and foremost, you should have a clear view about what you have to offer. As is the case with most CVs, introduce a line which best defines you since this is the very first thing an employer sees. Also, be sure to be specific. Here’s an example: ‘I am looking for opportunities in CAD engineering, and can offer 3rd Party Inspection in Pune.’ In this example, everything is made clear within a few sentences, and there is no such ambiguity.

    The next step is updating your educational credentials (which is fairly easy) and setting the rate of your service. It is key to note that certain factors that come into play when deciding how much to charge. Base you per day rate on your expertise (skill set), experience and most importantly, the existing market rates. Ensure that you neither overcharge nor undercharge.

    Regarding the point on skills, there is no limit to the number of skills you can add, but it is advisable that they are relevant to what role you are expecting. More often than not, employers discover you on the basis of keyword searches.

    After Updating the skills ensure to select relevent categories. You have to be carfeul while selecting them as goHyP allows only 5 categories selection for each profile. The categories you have selected helps employers to choose freelancers easily by either selecting through home page or filtering in profiles section.

    Remember to check box Receive emails about projects that match your categories. Every time a project is posted matching your category you will receive a mail notification to your registered email ID.

    The next thing on the list is the region of employment. Most aspirants tend to forget to add this important little detail in their profiles (under Section Account Details). Employers differ; some may choose to hire locally, others have fewer restrictions.

    Last but not least, make sure to fill in the about you section. Use this section to talk about your certifications, previous experiences and personal qualities. Make sure it is concise and to-the-point. DO NOT directly copy from CVs you find online, as employers will be on the lookout for this.

    Proving a portfolio will add a cutting edge to your resume. This lets your employer know what projects you worked on in the past and what the client can expect from you. A well written description of each project coupled with screenshots and more relevant information is a sure fire way to set you apart from the herd.

    Sometimes talented individuals are unsure where to begin and have a tough time finding freelance jobs in India. Online platforms like goHyP help bridge the gap between freelancers and small business owners. It is an ideal portal to embark on your freelancing journey and connect with the very best in the field.