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    Jan 28 th, 2018
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    Mistakes to avoid when hiring freelance engineers

    Sometimes employers are caught in two minds about whether to recruit on a long-term basis or simply hire freelancers in India. While contractual employment is becoming a popular choice for small business owners, there are still some mistakes you would want to avoid when recruiting, especially when you’re hiring freelance engineers. Here they are:


    1. Not being a part of the recruitment process

    This is something that comes first in any recruitment checklist. Always be part of the recruitment process; know your prospective employees and judge their skillset before hiring. You can even go one step further and cross-examine their credentials with previous employers. This will give you clearer picture.

    1. Ignoring communication with remote engineers

    For freelance projects to be successful, there has to be a clear path of communication between the employer and the employee. Engineering processes require much more involvement than other forms, which is why direct communication with remote workers is extremely vital. Ignoring this will result in either stalling or failure of the project.

    1. Ignoring data security

    Outsourcing your engineering process will involve handing over critical data. Misrepresentation of this data could force you to incur heavy losses to your company. It is therefore imperative that you not ignore data security while outsourcing your engineering processes.

    1. Miscalculating budget requirements

    After you decide what type of engineer you need, setting up a budget for employment is the obvious step. Besides the hourly wages, you need to include additional expenses such as travel allowance, and bonuses if your employee over-performs. You should have a fixed amount allotted for recruitment and ensure that you stick to it. Miscalculating or overpaying could possibly take a toll on your budget.

    1. Not finding reliable websites with accredited engineers

    The correct way to find the right freelancer for a job is to use a reliable third-party website which hosts skilled freelancers. The candidates on such websites are usually accredited, have passed background checks and are up for hire.

    goHyP is one such website which aims to bridge the gap between employers and freelancers. All skilled professionals on goHyP submit their respective profiles and portfolios, allowing employers to select candidates that match their needs.