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    Jun 11 th, 2017
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    When the word ‘freelancer’ pops up in your head, it is immediately associated with creative jobs such as writing, editing, marketing or even advertising. Here is a roundup of several freelancing jobs – including some you’d never quite expect.

    Freelance jobs

    1. Design and Drafting

    This is one for the engineers and architects. Freelancing jobs pertaining to design and drafting may seem uncommon, but they exist and you’ll find many freelancers picking up these kind of projects. Designing includes a plethora of different topics including the likes of plant design, interior design, structural and building design and even 3D design.

    goHyP is such a freelancing platform which hosts a multitude of projects ranging from designing and drafting to inspection and consultation. It offers a wide range of projects to choose from and thus makes the tedious task of scouring the web for a reliable website much easier for new freelancers.


    1. Content Writing

    This is the most obvious one: freelance writing is the typical work-from-home job. However, writing isn’t as straightforward as it seems. It is a broad topic that encompasses much more than meets the eye. Writing can entail topics such as social media, journalism, copywriting, traditional blogging and so on. In essence, there are writing jobs out there for each temperament.


    1. Online Tutoring

    What an age we live in! The internet has indeed bridged the communication gap immensely, thereby opening the gate to many such opportunities like online tutoring. The concept seems simple enough. Offering numerous subject lessons via streaming to high school or even university students doesn’t appear to be a tough proposition. However, most employers would expect relevant experience in teaching along with a college degree.


    1. Programming

    Programming is often labelled job of tomorrow, but we’ve entered a time where it is called the job of today. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon either.

    Programmers are massively sought after in all spectrums of the economy. Skills relevant to programming languages are extremely helpful. What’s more, it is a job that can be done in the quiet luxury of your home. Where and how far you live away from your employer is inconsequential.


    1. Translation

    This is ideal for those who are fluent in more than one language. Translating gigs are generally quite lucrative. However, the amount of money you make depends on a variety of factors. Your income depends on which language you speak. For example: Japanese translators are very high in demand and rightly so, since mastering the Asian language is a tough endeavour.