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    Rohith K R
    Oct 9 th, 2020
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    Hiring third-party inspectors on need basis reduces cost of quality

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    First, let us make you familiar with the role of the third-party inspector. Their major role is to determine if the project being constructed is consistent with your contracts and enough funds remain available to complete the project at the billing time. The third-party inspector is the first line of defense in defending the health of your construction and development portfolio. Third-party inspection service refers to a must process in global sourcing, so when importers booked the service for shipment, and the inspector found quality problems from inspection. They help you to solve the problems related to quality control.

    Quality control refers to that facet of logistics management, which pertains to sets of activities and techniques that are intended to measure the quality of products at various stages of the production process, all the way to the point right before distribution. It is performed at various stages. If you want to know them, then have a look:

    third party inspectors

    Stages of quality control:

    • Inspection upon receipt of finished goods that will be resale or of raw materials and parts that will be placed into production.
    • An inspection prior to production: in this stage, normally one unit or piece will be produced and if that unit passes inspection, then the production run will proceed.
    • Inspection in the process: In this stage, the inspection will be made at intervals during the process of production.
    • Inspection after production: This is the final inspection and testing stage in which a sample or 100% of the finished products will be inspected and tested.
    • An inspection prior to shipping: In this stage, the orders are placed by a customer, which will be inspected and will not be shipped until the final inspector has cleared them.

    The process of this stage is also known as pre-shipment inspection where the third party inspectors place themselves in the shoes of the consumers to see if the products meet general expectations. There are lots of types of quality checks.


    Types of quality checks

    The final inspection done by the third party inspectors is performed when all the products ordered have been produced among which 80% have already packed for the shipment process.

    • The quality check is performed in the factory by third party inspectors which perform random sampling, checking only several samples at random, before handing out their conclusion regarding the quality of the products.
    • The final inspection performed by the inspectors is performed on 100% of the products or on a certain percentage of randomly selected units at a “platform”. If the products do not pass, then the third party inspectors will have to be transported back to the factory instead of being shipped to customers.
    • The performance of inspection is done to 100% of finished products on a piece by piece which is important, however, that the inspectors or the persons performing the quality control checks are independent of the company.


    About third party inspectors which you can find on goHyP:

    Well, let us tell you that companies should have their own manual of quality control procedure in order to guide the third party inspectors. The third party inspector is likely to have his own inspection or quality control system in place, and quality assurance agencies. And let us tell you that the third party inspectors use industry standard processes in order to perform an inspection.

    Do you know there are three types of inspectors in the market for your consideration? These categories include:

    • Professional inspectors: These are dedicated and trained experts in conducting and advising banks of project progress that work for a firm, which is established and has a set protocol for fieldwork and reporting. The professional inspector help maintain a sound client relationship as they are looking out for the deliverable, which protects the borrower and the bank.
    • Semi-professional inspector: These inspector has experience in construction and provides inspection services as a supplemental effort to different core business. They provide reliable information, however, they may not be looking at big picture elements.
    • 1099 photographer: These type inspectors are riskier types as it is a sub-contractor charged with simply providing photographs and percentages of completion on a mobile application or to a clearinghouse, which in turn generates a report.


    From where you can find third-party inspector?

    Let us tell you that a third-party inspector reduces the cost of quality. Thus if you are looking for this service, then you have no need to hire the third party inspector for the full time as with goHyP, you can hire the inspector at the time when you require. goHyP specializes in connecting professional and clients with top quality services. Whatever be your problem, the experts listed at goHyP are there to solve them. Not only this, but these experts will provide you accurate and reliable services. thus get the best freelance service with goHyP.


    How to find third party inspector with goHyP?

    We are familiar with this that finding the best expert or freelancer for your work is a very difficult task due to which we are here with goHyP that helps you in finding the perfect third party inspector that suits your needs and requirements. But for this, you are required to post a project on goHyP which then verifies and provides you a list of experts. So, if you want to place a quote, then follow these steps which are enlisted below:

    • First of all, you are required to visit our website and there you will find three fields i.e. city, keyword and skills required.
    • In these three fields, you are required to fill in appropriate information so that you will get a list of professionals. Thus, fill properly.
    • Then you are required to set the mandate rate so that the list of third party inspectors that you will get will be under the price that you can afford easily.
    • Once finishing all this, you will get a list of third party inspectors among which you can choose any of the one that suits all your needs and requirements.
    • From the given list, you can select the one by checking everything written in his profile. There are various things available about him which you can read and find the best one such as experience, city, rating, earning, projects worked and a lot more.
    • You can compare each of them with each other and can choose the best one for you.

    If you want to avail this service, then hire these professional inspectors according to your needs. You have no need to worry about any problem with the experts and freelancers as they will help you with each and every kind of problem at any time. Thus get in touch with us as the professionals registered on goHyP are there that offers you a full range of services. These professionals are highly qualified and have rich experience due to which they are always ready to solve each and every kind of problem whether it is easy or complex. They assure you to provide the top-class quality of services so that you can get excellent results and maximum benefits. Not only this, but the services delivered by the expert freelancers listed at us are 24*7 due to which you can contact us at any time when you require it.