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    Rohith K R
    Apr 6 th, 2020
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    Power your house with solar rooftop | Save energy

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    Are you looking for something that helps you in saving some energy? If yes, then you should install solar panels on your rooftop as it helps you to save on energy expenses in the long run. A solar panel is the most common way to use solar energy in your home. The solar panel converts incoming sunlight into usable electricity with the help of a process that is known as the photovoltaic effect. They help you in lowering your electricity bills and help you in earning tax incentives.

    In addition to this, they are also very good investments. The reason behind this is that they are exempt from property taxes and add value to your house. But in order to install the solar panel on your rooftop, there is a need for a professional or freelancer that helps you in powering your house. And finding the best professional seems a difficult task. But do not worry as we are here with goHyP, which is an online platform providing you an opportunity to find the best professional by staying at your home.

    Now let us know some benefits that you can get with the help of solar panels. These benefits are enlisted below:

    solar roof top installation


    Benefits of solar panels

    • Reduces electricity bills: Instead of using traditional energy sources, the use of solar power can result in financial savings. Depending on your home size, state and usage of electricity, you can save anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. And the best part is this that it can also be sold back to the grid due to which you have the potential to earn while you save.
    • Minimize your carbon footprint: We are all familiar with this that solar panel is able to generate power without providing off any dangerous emissions. While there is some footprint from generating and allocating the infrastructure of solar panel, the production of energy from the solar panels is clean and free of pollutants and even do not emits any greenhouse gases. In addition to this, by installing the solar panel, you will be able to reduce the carbon footprint by more than 3,000 pounds per year.
    • Financial support from the government: When you install solar panels in your home, then you will get central and state tax benefits. Let us tell you that taxpayers could claim 30% of the installation cost with all those benefits that you can get as per your state. And the most important thing about this industry is that it also creates jobs for solar panels manufacturers and installers, which helps the economy of the country.
    • Requires little maintenance and has longevity: Let us tell you that most of the solar panel systems last for 20 years or more during which the solar panel or any other equipment needs some maintenance. And the company from where you buy these solar panels can make you understand what is exactly needed for the maintenance of these solar panels and tools. Thus, you can maintain your solar panel on your own or can hire an expert to make your solar panel clean and tidy.
    • Energy independence: Unlike coal and natural gas, the sun is an infinite source of energy due to which solar panels allows you to minimize dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels leading to a steadier and expectable energy bill. It can be done especially during the time when the demand for energy is very high.

    Now let us tell you that by installing the solar panel on your rooftop, it can generate your own power and can give your freedom from the energy. You might be concerned regarding the size of the solar panel that you should install on your rooftop. Therefore, let us make you familiar with this that large photovoltaic systems produce the most electricity and reduce your carbon footprint more than a smaller system. Thus, if your roof has enough space that you can install a large solar panel then choose the large one otherwise customize your system according to your rooftop and your needs and requirements.

    Keep this thing in your mind that when you install the solar panel, then you should take care of it by keeping it clean and tidy because your panel will be exposed to rain, dust, bird droppings, debris and a lot more, which can decrease the life of the panel and can also decrease the amount of energy generated by it. Thus, it is very important to keep your PV panels clean and tidy. And if you want to extend the life of your solar panel and want to get the most efficiency out of your solar panels, then keep your panel clean regularly. Thus, we suggest you that hire an expert in solar panel installation and for the cleaning of your solar panel.

    Now some of you might be thinking that you can install the solar panel on your own or not. Thus, let us know that installing the solar panel on your own can be safe or not.


    Can you install solar panel by your own?

    Yes, you can install your solar panel on your own but at this time, the best way to install a solar panel on your rooftop is with the help of a qualified and experienced professional who holds a certification to do so and works with high-quality solar panels. And you can hire the best professional or freelancer from goHyP. With the help of goHyP, you can search the professional easily because it is a platform that helps you in finding the skilled trade person for your needs. It aims to bridge the gap between owners and skilled professionals. And the best part is this there will be a panel of industry specialists who will screen each potential employee’s credentials before onboarding him/her to offer services on goHyP.

    How goHyP works?

    In its working, the first step is to post a project on our website. After placing when it gets verified, then the algorithm would go through the wide network of the expert helping you in installing the solar panel at your rooftop. The system will match an expert relevant to your needs. After matching, the freelancer will contact you and will choose to work on your quote. You can start your work after finding the right professional for you.

    While installing the solar panel on your rooftop, the professional freelancer ensures that there should be no trees present near your roof. The reason behind this is that if there are trees near your home that create excessive shade on your roof, rooftop panels may not be the most ideal option.


    Services delivered by goHyP

    goHyP offer the following industry oriented freelance services in the areas of:

    • Mechanical engineering
    • Electrical and electronic engineering
    • Civil and architecture
    • Instrumentation
    • Environmental
    • CAD design services
    • Automation industry

    If you want to power your house with a solar rooftop, then will find the most experienced solar panel installation professionals at goHyP. They are well certified and have full knowledge of how to install solar panels properly and effectively. The experts provide you high quality professional solar panel installing service. Not only this, but the experts know all the safety measures that are used at the time of working so that you won’t get any kind of injury because we take care of your safety as well as your health. Thus get the best freelance service from goHyP.