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    Shekar M
    May 13 th, 2020
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    Predictive maintenance has overtaken preventive maintenance

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    Are you familiar with the term predictive maintenance? If yes, then it’s great but if you are not, then let us make you familiar with this term. As per Wikipedia, predictive maintenance refers to techniques that are designed to help regulate the condition of operating equipment in order to forecast when maintenance should be performed. As the tasks are performed only when warranted, the approach promises cost savings over routing or time-based preventative maintenance. The predictive maintenance allows convenient scheduling of corrective maintenance and to guard unexpected failures of equipment.

    When we come to know which equipment needs maintenance, then we can plan the maintenance work of the equipment in a better way. Let us tell you that it is different from its cousin i.e. preventative maintenance. The reason behind this is that it relies on the actual condition of the tools instead of average or expected life statistics to forecast when will be the need for maintenance. Now let us know what will be needed for predictive maintenance.

    predictive maintenance

    Needs for predictive maintenance:

    First, have a look at some major equipment that are supporting this approach are: applying business rules and a data historian capable of storing large amounts of data such as summarization, data sampling and preparing the output of data based on your business rules.

    Predictive maintenance avoids potential failures according to the reliability centered maintenance by analyzing the actual condition of the tool which is also known as condition-based maintenance. But when we talk about preventive maintenance, then the time-based approach of preventive maintenance requires scheduled regular maintenance. And let us tell you that this scheduled regular maintenance may not accurately reflect the exact condition of the tool and could lead to unnecessary maintenance interferences.

    The predictive maintenance allows the technicians to anticipate the exact time of a failure and service the machine only when there is a need. And the best part is that the repair can be fixed at a time when the maintenance activity is most cost-effective and has a minimum impact on production.

    Now let us tell you that the professionals of predictive maintenance at goHyP use some tools and tests in order to evaluate equipment condition.


    Some tools used by the experts of predictive maintenance at goHyP to evaluate the condition of equipment:

    Do you want to know them? If yes, then have a look at them, which are enlisted below:

    • Thermography: It is a technique that involves monitoring the thermal profile of the equipment with the help of temperature sensors. These are the devices that are used to detect abnormal changes in temperature indicating a potential malfunction such as a leak, hot spots, electrical faults and a lot more. And the best part is that it has the advantage of not requiring any contact with the monitored machines which avoids interfering operations.
    • Acoustical analysis/ management: This is one of the major techniques that uses ultrasound in order to access the condition of the equipment. The frequency of this ultrasound exceeds 20,000 Hz. The ultrasound allows to quickly detect the presence of problems in the equipment such as mechanical defect, leak, electrical problem and a lot more. Sometimes the output of the ultrasound is used to detect the leak present in the equipment in which it is necessary to place a transmitter in the vessel which is then observed. In order to find the result, the ultrasound picked out a sign that the tank is not water-resistant.
    • Vibration analysis: This technique is often used in addition to the acoustic or thermal measurement in order to specify the diagnosis. The vibration analysis consists of analyzing the vibrations, which are emitted by the machine in order to detect and identify the defect and malfunction present in the equipment. A lot of deceives such as accelerometer, digital recorders, laser vibrometers, spectrum analyzers and a lot more non-intrusive devices pick up the vibrations and measure them as per the frequency, amplitude and noise level.
    • Other predictive maintenance techniques: In order to multiply the accuracy of predictions, different techniques can be combines. And let us tell you that it is widely used because it required expensive measurement tools and the intervention of highly certified and qualified professionals in order to accurately interpret condition- monitoring data and provide the appropriate information and data at the appropriate time.

    Predicting maintenance has overtaken preventive maintenance which is really worth it. Do you want to know why? If yes, then it’s great. Setting up all the resources for predicting maintenance might be expensive, but when we talk about a long-term perspective then this type of maintenance is a cost-effective approach. The reason behind this is reducing the total time and the amount spent on the maintenance of the equipment. Not only this, but it also detects a problem at the starting of the process and makes sure that a machine is only shut down right before a failure, which reduces the production hours lost to maintenance and prevents the occurrence of breakdowns that are leading to unplanned downtime of the tool.

    Now let us tell you that with the help of mobility work, you will be able to implement the predictive maintenance as it can easily ensure that the appropriate information and data are sent to the appropriate piece of equipment in order to generate the maintenance planning and execution.

    Now the question arises from where one can hire the best freelancers. Thus, let us tell you that, across India, there are a huge number of places from where you can hire a professional for the maintenance but we are here with the best platform i.e. goHyP. Now you must be wondering why this platform is best, thus have a look.


    Why goHyP?

    goHyP was born to offer a solution to the lower-than-expected technical performance of resources achieved through the myriad of talent suppliers. In a nutshell, we screen for personality, language mastery and technical know-how so that candidates will get surety of the professionals listed on our website that they meet all the needs and requirements of the client. We review the basic engineering skills of the professionals. We match the candidate with senior goHyP professionals for multiple technical interviews and a project to determine live proficiency with a real project. In addition to this, we review the portfolio along with the background verification so that our customers get satisfied with the services delivered by the experts.

    If you are interested in the management of the maintenance and would like to learn more on this topic in order to increase your productivity and in order to save cost then get in touch with us at goHyP as the freelancers are there that offers you a full range of freelance services supporting the predictive maintenance and service solutions.


    How does it work?

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