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    Feb 15 th, 2020
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    Save power & money | Conduct energy audit of your building |

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    One of the most effective ways to reduce your energy bills and to save a considerable amount of money is to keep your building efficient. And you can keep your building efficient with an energy audit as it can identify the areas of energy waste in your building so you can make repairs and upgrades as required. But professionals can do it in a better way as they use specialized equipment and infrared cameras in order to analyze your building’s energy use. Now some of you must be wondering that from where we can get the expert, which is a very challenging task. Therefore, we are here to solve problems as we are here with goHyP, which is the best platform to find the expert as per your needs.

    But still, if you want to conduct an energy audit on your own, then you have to follow some steps that are mentioned in this blog.


    Conduct energy audit of your building save power and money

    Steps to conduct energy audit of your building save power and money

    Step 1: analysis of building and utility data

    This step is mainly used to evaluate the characteristics of the energy systems and the patterns of the energy that a building use. The characteristics of the building can be collected from the mechanical/ architectural/ electrical drawings and from discussion with the operators of the building. And the patterns of the used energy can be achieved from a compilation of utility bills over several years, which allows the energy auditor to determine any seasonal and weather effects on the energy usage of the building. Given below are some goals that you are required to achieve:

    • First, collect at least 3 years of records of utility data and identify the types of fuel that are used.
    • After this, determine the patterns of fuel uses by the type of fuel and understand the structure of the utility rate.
    • After this, you are required to analyze the effect of weather on fuel consumption.
    • Then you have to perform utility energy use analysis by the type and size of the building.


    Step 2: Walk- through survey:

    The second step of the process should identify the measures of potential energy savings. And let us tell you that the result of this step is important since it determines if the building warrants any further energy auditing work. Given below are some tasks that you need to accomplish.

    • First of all, identify your needs and concerns and check the current operating and maintenance processes.
    • After this, you need to determine the existing operating conditions of major energy use equipment.
    • Then at last you are required to estimate the equipment, occupancy and lighting.


    Step 3: Baseline for building energy use

    This step is mainly used to develop a base case model that denotes the existing energy use and operating conditions for the building. And let us tell you that this base case model will be used as a reference in order to estimate the energy savings because of appropriately selected energy conservation measures. Given below are some tasks that you need to accomplish.

    • First of all, obtain and review mechanical, architectural, and electrical and control drawings.
    • Then you have to inspect, test and evaluate building equipment for efficiency, performance and reliability.
    • After this, you are required to obtain all occupancy and operating schedules for equipment and develop a baseline model for building energy use
    • At last, you are required to calibrate the baseline model with the help of utility data or metered data.


    Step 4: Evaluation of energy saving measures:

    In this step, you are required to determine a list of cost-effective energy conservation with the help of both energy savings and economic analysis. Given below are some goals that you have to achieve:

    • Firstly, organize a comprehensive list of energy conservation measures with the help of information collected in step 2.
    • Then you are required to determine the energy savings due to the various energy conservation measures pertinent to the building with the help of the baseline energy use simulation model which was developed in step 3.
    • After this, you need to estimate the initial costs that are required to implement the energy conservation measures.
    • And at last, you have to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each energy conservation measure with the help of an economic analysis method.

    So, the above process is a general process of conducting energy audits, which is used in most of the buildings. But it is a very difficult task to conduct this energy audit on your own due to which we suggest you hire a freelancer.

    Now the question arises on how to get the best professional for this service. Thus, let us know how you can get one.


    How to get?

    goHyP is the trusted online trade portal that provides you a skilled tradesman relevant to your needs. We provide you the certified and experienced technicians/ freelancers /professionals/ engineers who will satisfy you with their work. The task of finding the professional becomes easy with goHyP by simply posting a job and your request will be matched in our database and you can get the list of the professionals that are available when you need them.


    How does it work?

    On this platform, the tradesmen can be browsed easily helping you to save plenty of time and money. All you just need to Post a Project on this platform, which then further gets verified. After verifying, we would go through the wide network of professionals and will match the expert by keeping your requirements in our mind. After matching, the freelancer will contact you and will choose to work on your instructions. You can start your work after finding the right freelancer for you as they will provide you the top-class quality of freelance service at the time when you require.


    Important safety information followed by the professionals

    While conducting an energy audit of your building, the professionals consider a few safety precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe.

    • In a building, there are lots of flats and apartments present in which there is the usage of combustible heating sources such as natural gas or oil. Thus, they make sure that your furnace is adequately ventilated.
    • They ensure that all the exhaust ducts and vents are unobstructed in your building.
    • They wear a ventilator while checking your insulation in order to avoid exposure to fiberglass or asbestos.

    An energy audit is an excellent way to save some amount of power and to achieve a lower monthly energy bill to save some amount of money. If you also want to do that, then conduct an energy audit by opting for a professional and we are here with goHyP with the help of which you can hire the best professional that assures you to provide the best quality of services.

    Sometimes power bills can put deep holes and we will not be able to figure out on our own, thus hire goHyP freelancers to determine where the maximum usage of energy and how to reduce them. The experts are highly classified and have rich experience that will provide you the best solution regarding your problem and help you in saving the maximum amount of money as possible. Thus, get in touch with goHyP when you want to conduct an energy audit and hire for freelance services.