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    Nov 15 th, 2020
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    Why is it important to keep your PV panels clean and tidy?

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    Installation of PV panels helps you to take benefit from the energy provided by the sun and make the most of the clean energy options. We are all familiar with that the PV panels work by collecting the rays of the sun and then converting those rays into energy. This means that the more light will the panel exposed, the more will be the generation of energy for which it is important to point out your panel towards the sun. But by pointing upward, your panel will be exposed to rain, dust, bird droppings, debris, and a lot more which can decrease the life of the panel and can also decrease the amount of energy generated by it. Due to this, it is very important to keep your PV panels clean and tidy.

    If you want to extend the life of your solar panel and want to get the most efficiency out of your solar panels, then keep your panel clean regularly. But for most people, cleaning the PV panel can be a difficult job, thus it is important for you to hire freelancers that provide you the best services for cleaning your PV panel. And goHyP is the best platform from where you can find the expert for you. It connects professionals with those who need them.


    Now, first, let’s discuss why there is a need of cleaning your PV panel. Cleaning of the solar panels is well worth it as you can get more benefits from it.


    Need for cleaning your PV panels:

    There are lots of reasons for cleaning your solar panel. If you want to know them, then have a look at some of them which are enlisted below:

    • Some solar panel companies have made cleaning of PV panel a condition of their warranty. This simply means that if you find any problem in your PV panel and you have no proof of regular cleaning of a solar panel by professionals, then your solution to your problem may not be covered by the warranty. Therefore, it is very important for you to clean your solar panel with professionals.
    • According to the world academy of Science, Engineering & Technology, a drop in the efficiency of a solar PV panel is not desired. Accumulated dust on the solar panel is one of the contributing factors in the drop in the efficiency. Thus, it is important for you to clean your PV panel. The cleaning of solar panels can bring an increase in efficiency of up to 30%.

    Now some of you might think that rainwater can also clean your solar panel, then let us tell you that rainwater will not clean your solar panels. Let us understand it with an example of a car windscreen. If you do not clean your car windscreen for a long time, then a layer of dust particles forms on it and if your car windscreen is rained on then the dust particles settle down and get attached to the surface after the rainwater evaporates. Similar is your solar panel because they are both exposed to the same element. It is very crucial to maximize the light in the PV panel but the dust particle that settles on the PV panel stops the visibility. Thus, clean your PV panel with the help of the freelancers and increase your financial reward.

    Now, most of you are thinking about how to clean your solar panel on your own.


    How to clean your PV panel by your own?

    In order to reduce your stress and hassle of cleaning, you can opt for the services of cleaning your solar panel. It is a very risky task to get up on your roof and to deal with your solar panel. And let us tell you that if you hire a professional for the cleaning of your solar panel, then it can be pricey but this investment of money is made back by the boost of energy efficiency. But in case, if you want to clean your solar panel on your own, then you need to do some things which are enlisted below.

    • First of all, you are required to check the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning. If in case you don’t find any instruction on your panel, then find it on the internet or directly ask your manufacturer.
    • One of the most important things that you should take care of is that your solar panels are placed on the roof of your house under direct sunlight due to which they become hot. Thus, before touching them, carefully find that if it is hot or not. Or we suggested that you clean your panels in the early morning or later at night.
    • In order to spray down the panels, use your garden hose. But if you find that it is not enough, then take a bucket full of warm and soapy water or you can use a cleaning solution and take a sponge or soft cloth. Wipe the solar panel with the help of this sponge rinsed with this soapy water.
    • Clean your panel from each and every corner and each and every small space present on that.

    In order to clean your solar panel, you are required to use extreme caution but a professional can do it in an amazing way as they are technically made for this purpose. Thus, it is suggested that opt for a professional for the cleaning of your solar panel.


    From where to hire an expert?

    Now the question arises from where one can get the best professional. There are various ways from where you can hire the best freelancer for your cleaning services but goHyP is the best platform from where you can hire the one. goHyP provides solutions and connects the professionals to potential employers on a need basis.


    Why use GoHyP?

    goHyP is an abbreviation for go hire your professional that was born out of the need for small and medium-scale industries to hire talented professionals, engineers and technicians for a specific task. It is an online marketplace where employers will be able to hire high-quality freelancers/ engineers from across India. You will find the most experienced solar panel cleaning professionals at goHyP. And the best part is that the freelancers have themselves with the best solar panel cleaning equipment that provides you best freelance services. They are well certified and have full knowledge of how to clean the solar panel properly and effectively. The professionals provide you high quality professional solar panel cleaning service.

    Not only this, but they also know all the safety measures that are used at the time of working so that you won’t get any kind of injury because we take care of your safety as well as your health.


    How goHyP works?

    Whether you are looking for a professional for cleaning solar panels for your residential area or for your commercial and industrial area you can get it from us, you all just need to visit our official website and need to find the professional that you are looking for. When you visit our website then you will find some fields there such as city, keyword, skills required and price in which you are required to write proper information so that you can get the list of the professionals. Then in that last, you have to choose the best professional for your needs and need to choose that professional. Thus, get the best freelancer with goHyP and get the best quality of freelance services.