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    Four Mistakes Every Freelancer Makes

    By superadmin| Blog - Freelancing| Jan, 23 2018

    Post Category: BlogFreelancing is an interesting career choice especially if you’re in it for the long run. It has its own set of liberties and plus points, but sometimes freelancers take these for granted and end up making blunders. Here are some errors to steer clear of:   Missed deadlines- The reputation of the freelancer […]

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    Business owner boost Productivity

    Post Category: BlogBusiness owners usually have to deal with time crunches on a regular basis. This is further exacerbated when you have a mountain of tasks that lay pending, which is why you need to find smart ways to make better use of the time given to you. You need to come up with techniques […]

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    Freelancer motivation

    Post Category: BlogSometimes freelancers might take up projects that last for several months or even a year. In such cases, it is understandable for one to feel frustrated with the nature of the project. Days go by, but you don’t seem to be making any inroads, and you end up wondering – Is it really […]

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    Good Freelancers

    Post Category: BlogBeing a freelancer entails having to communicate and socialize with prospective clients all the time. Normally, in such a situation, you would think that someone who is reticent would have a tough time adapting to the gig culture. You’d be surprised to know that introverts are actually much better suited to freelancing than […]

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    Freelancing Tools

    Four Useful Tools for Freelancers

    By superadmin| Blog - Freelancing| Oct, 8 2017

    Post Category: BlogFreelancing in today’s world is far from a simple stroll in the park. It is an endless loop of finding work, doing the work, receiving feedback, billing the client, finding new work etc. It can become difficult to keep track of all this if you’re new to the field. There are a  number […]

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    Hiring Freelancers

    Post Category: BlogBusiness owners are embracing the idea of hiring skilled professionals for short terms as they’ve realized the benefits of recruiting contract-based workers. Not just small businesses, but people who work regular jobs are expected to join the ever-growing workforce of freelancers in the coming years. However, there are still some businesses that are […]

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    Freelance and India Economy

    Post Category: BlogWe’ve discussed at length in earlier articles about why individuals all over the world are embracing freelancing, or otherwise known as the ‘gig culture’. Besides individuals, numerous organizations are now welcoming the idea to hire freelancers in India on short-term contracts. What this indicates is that firms are now ready to recruit skilled […]

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    Post Category: BlogYou don’t get a second chance to make a first impression  Once a project is over the fear of ‘What next’ surfaces in the mind of a freelancer. Freelancers, like everyone else, have monthly bills to pay and, at times, might panic about them. Generating a web of regular customers can offer some respite […]

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    Top Trending Skills


    By superadmin| Blog - Freelancing| Sep, 8 2017

    Post Category: BlogTo stay relevant in any field it is crucial to both evolve your skill set and adapt to the latest trends in the market. This can be done by either beefing up your own CV or hiring freelancers to collaborate with. With that being said here are five in-demand skills that are taking the […]

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    Never say to clients

    Post Category: BlogWords make a fair share of communication, with non-verbal gestures and body language making up the rest. Sometimes even the slightest slip of the tongue can prove to be costly, much more so in business. Here are some verbal slip-ups to avoid.

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