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    Freelance jobs


    By superadmin| Blog - Freelancing| Jun, 11 2017

    Post Category: BlogWhen the word ‘freelancer’ pops up in your head, it is immediately associated with creative jobs such as writing, editing, marketing or even advertising. Here is a roundup of several freelancing jobs – including some you’d never quite expect. Design and Drafting This is one for the engineers and architects. Freelancing jobs pertaining […]

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    Time Management Lessons

    Post Category: BlogWork to live, don’t live to work As the popular adage goes, ‘Time is money’. This holds true especially for freelancers, where getting a sense of how to manage time effectively is pivotal. If you are just beginning your journey into freelancing, or just need a reminder of how to get a sense […]

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    Problems Freelancer

    Post Category: Blog The transition from a full-time professional to a freelancer can be tricky. People react to new situations differently, based on our backgrounds, abilities, and several other factors as well. It is a feeling that is akin to that of being thrown into the deep-end of a pool, without having a plan to […]

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    Post Category: BlogSo which one are you? In essence, a freelancer is a person who trades hours for money. For example, if a project requires a certain number of hours for completion, then a freelancer can charge his client for that many number of hours. Therefore, under this definition, the most money a freelancer can earn […]

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing

    Post Category: Blog Continuing with our series of blogs on Freelancing, it is imperative to understand the pros and cons of Freelancing. The below blog carefully examines the various advantages and disadvantages of freelancing and helps identify the risks and rewards associated with it. Advantages Flexible Hours- You work when you want Not everyone enjoys […]

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    Finding Freelancer

    Post Category: BlogChanging business environment has reshaped the dynamics of hiring and Employers are now hiring freelance workers to accomplish projects both small and large. This new model presents new challenges compared to traditional hiring methods. This blog provides new tips and ideas on how to successfully land the perfect freelancer for your project.

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    By superadmin| Blog - Freelancing| Jan, 26 2017

    Post Category: BlogIn our previous blog we had given an overview of the freelancing scenario in India, in this blog we would like to provide some of the best practices for succeeding as a freelancer. Whether you are starting as a Freelancer or already started your freelance journey, these tips and best practices will help you […]

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    Find jobs for Freelancing opportunities


    By superadmin| Blog - Freelancing| Jan, 6 2017

    Post Category: BlogEver wondered what you could do if you had the freedom to choose what work you do and when you do it? If this thought has crossed your mind then freelancing is the solution for you. A Freelancer is a self-employed person working on contract basis for a variety of companies/employers without being […]

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    goHyP is launched

    By superadmin| Blog| Nov, 3 2016

    Post Category: BlogFirstly, a big thank you to all of you out there for your feedback on our recently launched Engineer marketplace www.gohyp.com. Many of you, apart from general feedback on our idea, have also suggested a number of new features that you would like to see on the site. Most of these are already on our to-do list and as you will […]

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