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    Feb 18 th, 2017
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    Changing business environment has reshaped the dynamics of hiring and Employers are now hiring freelance workers to accomplish projects both small and large. This new model presents new challenges compared to traditional hiring methods. This blog provides new tips and ideas on how to successfully land the perfect freelancer for your project.

    Find the perfect freelancer for your project

    Know your requirements

    The first step is to start with documenting the requirements clearly outlining the following

    1. What needs to be accomplished
    2. Time Frame
    3. Skill Set expected (specific requirements) from Freelancer
    4. Available Budget

    Having the goals, budget and time-line in place before searching for a freelancer will make the search process easier. This first step is very important and many problems can be prevented when this step is not neglected.

    Finding Freelancers

    There are many talent matching platforms that help hire the freelancer for specific task or job. They make it easy to find freelancers by breaking down the talent pool into categories, making the search painless and quick.

    If you have a big project coming up a few months from now, Platforms like goHyP.com which target specific industry segments and match freelance talent based on industry requirements will help you pick the right talent by talking to a well-suited candidate early and get feedback on the project plan and requirements.

    Refine your search and shortlist the top 3-5 Freelancers based on the Skill Set, Cost, Portfolio of previous completed projects, Freelancer rating on the portal and Reviews/testimonials from previous employers.

     Awarding Project

    The right freelancer is not always the cheapest, avoid taking the “cheap” route. While it may be tempting to hire that freelancer who offers their work very cheap. But often, a freelancer’s rates will reflect the quality of their work.”You get what you pay for”, be up-front about your budget and pay the right amount for the right professional.

    Meeting in some capacity is suggested, be it online, over the phone or in person. This will help you decide if you can work with this person. Award the project to the best Freelancer meeting your requirements.

    While awarding the project, provide a proper briefing to the Freelancer about the project requirements and set mutually agreed milestones that would be completed by Freelancer. Most Talent matching platforms provide options for milestone based project tracking.

    Paying the Freelancer

    By using an online talent matching portal like goHyP.com, they take the stress out of paying the freelancer by simplifying the process and paying goHyP directly. They then take care of payments to the freelancer, leaving you free to focus on the business and project. goHyP offers a transparent Escrow system for all payments.