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    Jan 6 th, 2017
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    Ever wondered what you could do if you had the freedom to choose what work you do and when you do it? If this thought has crossed your mind then freelancing is the solution for you. A Freelancer is a self-employed person working on contract basis for a variety of companies/employers without being tied to any one company in particular. Sounds interesting? , then read on to see the opportunities that this presents you.

    On the Rise:

    Freelancing has been in India for a long time, post opening up of Indian economy and advent of information technology companies in India the word Freelancing and Freelancer have become more prevalent. There are many reasons why independent work is on the rise, from shifting economic conditions to corporate downsizing and employee dissatisfaction. The biggest enabler though is technology.



    The Technological Edge:

    The increase in internet penetration in India and technology development has enabled professionals with varied skills to take advantage of technology and work as independent contractors/ freelancers to monetize their skills. Freelancers are not to be confused for “temp” labour, Freelancers are increasingly strategic, experienced, and professional and offer more flexibility than a traditional employee.

    There are now more ways to work remotely than ever before, from devices, apps, and other personal technology that lets us communicate with one another from virtually everywhere. Talent matching platforms are destined to play a bigger role and augment technology to match companies with talent.


    A Strong Future with Freelancing?

    The freelancing scenario in India is still nascent when compared to USA, where a 2014 study commissioned by the Freelancers Union found 53 million Americans (34% of total workforce) are independent workers. In comparison, the number of active freelancers in India is about 1.5 million.

    Freelancing opportunities are growing rapidly across industries especially in Engineering. Indian companies (small/ medium and large) are realizing the benefits freelancing professionals bring into the organization. It also allows businesses to find more targeted and better-qualified talent to address their needs at comparatively lower costs. Rather than bringing someone in full-time, with benefits and a salary, a company can hire a consultant /Freelancer who is ideally suited to a particular project.

    With the ever increasing push for digital India, Freelancing has a bright future across all industrial sectors in India and will be a force to reckon with.