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    Design me a consumer product

    Design me a consumer product

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    Project description:


    I am looking for a product designer. I have an idea about the shape, size, and design of the product (to a certain extent) and need someone who can design 3D models, renders, etc. of the product and check on its feasibility. I know that each individual part is feasible but need someone to check the feasibility of the combined product. Further, the design should be such that it can be directly sent to my manufacturer for production.

    Also, the milestones are negotiable if need be.




    1. Sameer Shah

      share more details on your project
    2. vishal shendge

      which product you want to design??
    3. Anirudh Narayan Rao

      Hi, I am an industrial designer with relevant experience in rapid protoyping. It would be great to collaborate with you. I would like to know more about the product. Thanks.
    4. Yash Sureka

      The product is a suitcase.
      • Jithesh Nair

        What type of suit case would you be needing? what is the deadline for this project that you need? please give a follow up and complete specification.
    5. ULLAS K

      Hi sir am ullas.k please sent me the project detail. let we discuss ,afterwards we proceed with project. ,
    6. Manikandan Arumugam

      Give more information about the product and its timeline
    7. Nagaraj M V

      Hi. this is Nagaraj working as design enginee in National Aerospace Laboratories - NTAF design section. i have experience of two years in design, development and analysis of structural aerospace components. provide the in depth information of the part needed to be designed.
    8. sadanand bhagat

      Sir, I'm also a product developer in automotive field, my first product is spur gear differential / limited slip differential working model that you can see in youtube link is (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSpjmzoMKPo) and the other is Longtail Boat Gearbox, Sadanand Bhagat
    9. sadanand bhagat

      Sir, I'm also a product developer in automotive field.
    10. Neeraja Koduri

      I am keen about the role.Hope for an opportunity.Thank you
    11. Manish Singh

      How much period of time you want to be completed I'll sure ill create according to your concept with over 2. 3 yrs of experience
    12. Manish Singh

      I'll sure I'll will done your work according to your concept demand ,in short period of time with over 2.3 yrs of experience
    13. Abid yusuf

      Kindly be a little more descriptive about the 'suitcase', I have designed a few in the past if you want to refer. Please feel free to contact me if you want us to work together.
    14. Seth

      Please provide more information via email.
    15. Abhiroop Ghosh

      hello, am a mechanical engineer, good in product design and can do the 3d modelling and revise them according to your need

      Is job still available?


    Rajendra Kalyani
    Engineering / Design Consultant
    In Process
    RAJ S N B
    Sr Design & Development Manager
    In Process
    Nitish Harish Desai
    Mechanical/Automotive/Concept Design Engineer
    In Process
    3D designer for physical objects
    In Process
    Abid Yusuf
    Mechanical Design Engineer
    In Process
    Ragav N
    In Process
    Manish Singh
    3d animation artist
    In Process
    Darshan Kumar M
    Design engineer
    In Process
    hashim khan
    Design Engineer
    In Process
    roshan dsilva
    mechanical CAD engineer
    In Process
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