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    Forklift Simulation game

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    Project description:

    The objective is to design a 3d model of a factory set up from an existing simulation of forklift driving game. Using the 3d models you design, we develop a simulation on Unity game development platform. I prefer to have a call with potential designers to explain the project in detail. Also, the budget is negotiable depending on the amount of work required. Its also preferable for us if you are a team and can complete the work faster.

    Please check out the attached screenshots for a better understanding of the simulation.

    3Dsimulation file formats can be 3ds, collada, fbx, obj (in that priority)

    I’ll share the simulation once we finalize a designer.


    1. Raghuveer Panaghanti

      Hello, I would look to know the comprehensive info on what inputs you can provide us with to develop a 3D model. Hence we can BID or Quote the best possible. We have a team committed working on 3D CAD Modeling with high proficiency. Let us connect and discuss..! Regards, Raghuveer Kinesthetic Labs
      • Raviteja Mogali

        please check out the attached screenshots. The description also updated.
        • Raghuveer Panaghanti

          I have checked with screenshots attached, Maybe if I can see the simulation game I could get more insight of building structure and its complexities. I need Blueprint of the building structure & design specifications to estimate the time & dedicated resource needed to work on this project. Hence If you could send us with detailed inputs asked, we could further proceed and ramp up the process swiftly. Looking forward to your response...! Regards, Raghuveer Kinesthetic Labs
    2. Vasudeva Yaragatti

      Dear Raviteja Mogali Sir, Please let us know about the Overall Dimensions and layout so that we can approximately study & estimate the man hours and quote for the job. Regards Vasudeva
    3. Raviteja Mogali

      The Entire simulation takes place on a single factory floor of size 150m x 150m x 6m. The game contains single design for human which is 1.8m. (should be made to look like walking and sitting on a forklift) 5 different types of forklifts need to be designed with movable arms. Factory floor layout contains 4 types of palettes that can be moved by forklift. The palette's sizes will be different but will be in similar specs as 2m x 2m x 2m. The palettes are placed on steel structures as seen in the pictures and they should be big enough to accommodate the 2 columns of palettes vertically.
    4. Rajesh J

      Is this project still open.? If so, what is the budget you can afford.?


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    Raviteja Mogali

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