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    Hydraulic Circuit Diagram

    Hydraulic Circuit Diagram

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    Project description:


    I need a hydraulic circuit design, Power pack design and detail drawing for our car parking system.

    The circuit diagram / power pack drawing to show the complete details of fluid flow, pump and motor sizes & detailed BOM.

    Please contact with your with a budget offer. The final price may be sent after the detailed discussion.




    1. Parashuram Dore

      There are two type of car parking systems - automated and noraml traditional type kindly mention what kind of system u require 1)max force ?? 2)no. of cylinder slots ??? 3)speed ???? 4) type horizontal or longitudinal parking 5) space details Regards, Parashuram Dore
    2. Parashuram Dore

      Dear rohit , Kindly furnish following details 1) automated or normal traditional car parking 2) Capacity or Max force and speed required 3) no. of cylinder slots 4) space details 5 ) method of parking horizontal or vertical ??? Regards, Parashuram
    3. Rohith

      Dear Parshuram, Thanks for commenting on my bid. Please find reply to your query as under, I have even attached a typical car park photo to this project now for reference. 1) automated or normal traditional car parking - Semi Automated 2) Capacity or Max force and speed required - 2 Tons / 50 sec to 60 sec for lifting 3) no. of cylinder slots - 5 Cylinders per power pack 4) space details - 5) method of parking horizontal or vertical ??? - Vertical All I want is a Hydraulic circuit diagram from Power pack to cylinder considering 5 cylinders connected to a single power pack. We have to keep five different solenoid valves for each cylinder. The cylinder we have selected is Single acting telescopic with bore diameters dia 85 / dia 65. The total cylinder stroke would be 1700mm. All the cylinders must work independently when operated. Let me know if you need any further information. Regards, Rohith
    4. Parashuram Dore

      Rohit ji, Kindly revert Mode of operation - synchronous or sequential ???
    5. Rohith

      Hi Parashuram, Can you elaborate what is synchronous and what is sequential.
    6. Parashuram Dore

      sequential mode - combination of cylinders movement one after the other or one by one synchronous - all 5 cylinders are move together/ parallel combination of cylinder movement is conspicuous for pump selection either fixed displacement nor variable displacement
      • Rohith

        I think we need Sequential mode of operation. But there might be situation where 3 cylinders can go up together or come down together.
    7. Parashuram Dore

      share me your single cylinder car parking circuit our reference
    8. Sharath R

      sir is project completed?
    9. Rohith_Freelance

      Is project still open ?
    10. Sachin Tagra

      sir how much car you have to park , car type


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    • Power pack Design
    • Hydraulic Circuit drawing
    Sharath R
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    Parashuram Dore
    Hydraulics Engineer
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    R K. Rohith

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