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    Special Machine for Auto parts

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    Project description:

    This will be a special Machine For machining certain intricate shapes. Concept will be explained in person


    1. raju84mech

      I am interested in the challenge. Can you explain the exact requirement.
      • Trishul Machine Tools Pvt Ltd

        You have not listed your expertise in your profile. Can please share your work details ??
        • raju84mech

          I had experience in 3 yrs in Manufacturing & 8 Yrs in Design.
        • raju84mech

          I worked in many companies like AGI Gals pac, ITC paper Mills, TDPS & Applied Materials Ind Ltd. I worked in CNC Shop floor, Design Team for precision mechanical parts manufacturing. An currently I am working in Applied Materials Ind Ltd, Bangalore.
    2. raju84mech

      I am interested in the challenge. Can you please explain the exact requirement.
    3. Vasudeva Yaragatti

      i am interested
    4. Trishul Machine Tools Pvt Ltd

      Dear Shri Vasudev. You have a Very interesting high profile background We shall meet to discuss the project. please get in touch with us 8792007892
    5. Sharath R

      can u please give a better insight of the project and the work profile
    6. Sharath R

      can u give a better insight of the project and work profile

      We are interested
    8. Balajiram M T

      Sir I am interested in this project.My experience lies in Industrial automation products programming.I am having 4.5 years of experience in the same domain and I have programmed on SPM for Royal Enfield, Chennai while I was working with SPM INDIA LTD
    9. Sachin Tagra

      sir can you describe the process and the operation to do on it
    10. dheeraj bitra

      hello!! i am interested to participate in your project. i hope you get me as soon as possible about the project details.
    11. PRASAD RAO

      Kindly contact me. I have designed many spm's for Automotive applications.



    Project milestones : Terms of Payment :

    • 1 Understanding Concept.
      0 %
    • Evaluation of Capabilities and release of PO
      5 %
    • Submission of Concept Draawings
      5 %
    • submission of Detailed drawings
      20 %
    • Interaction and clarification during manufacture of parts for Pototype
      10 %
    • Interaction and Clarifications during Assembly and tresting
      20 %
    • Modifications based on the testing of prototype and release of final rawings
      40 %
    Manikanta R
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    Imran Syed
    In Process
    Jay Raval
    CAD 3D modeler
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    shubham Kumar Sharma
    In Process
    Keshav Sharma
    Mechanical Design Engineer
    In Process
    Rohit Sinha
    In Process
    Design Professional
    In Process
    Jerald DLima
    Design Engineer-CAD
    In Process
    saravanan perumal
    Sr. Design Engineer
    In Process
    Atik Tamboli
    Mold Design Engineer / Design Engineer
    In Process

    C S Shiva Shankaraiah

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