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    Services at goHyP

    The following industry oriented services in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Civil And Architecture, Environmental, Instrumentation, CAD design services and Automation Industry  are currently being offered on goHyP.com. With a variety of fields to hire freelancers in India from, Gohyp aims to bridge the gap between business owners and skilled professionals.

    Quality Mangement System, Process Improvement and related training professionals enrolled on goHyP.com can provide implementation support for implementing ISO, TQM, TQC, SQC, 5S, CMM, etc.



    More sector specific engineering services are planned for phase wise addition to existing offerings.

    Category of Services

    1. Automotive Engineering
    2. Electrical Engineering
    3. Electronics Engineering
    4. Industrial Automation & Robotics
    5. Industrial Engineering
    6. Mechanical Engineering
    7. Thermal Engineering
    8. Renewable Energy
    9. Civil Engineering
    10. Architecture
    11. Aerospace
    12. Biotechnology
    13. Oil & Gas
    14. Mining