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    Why goHyP

    SME’s or Large companies face challenges in finding talented engineers with the right skill set. Businesses can now focus on their core business as goHyP will help in getting verified quality talent easily available to work on projects. Our escrow payment system will ensure smooth financial transaction thereby employers and professionals are secured.

    There will be a panel of industry professionals who will screen each potential employee’s credentials before on boarding him/her to offer services on goHyP. The panel will consist of eminent professionals from the industry. The panel will ascertain the skill sets of potential employees and advise on the qualifying candidates to offer services on goHyP.

    Example: A professional with skills in implementation of ISO-9001:2008 quality system will be scrutinized by a panel consisting of industry professionals with proven background in Quality Management System.


    goHyP Advantages

    1. Call an Engineers/Professional: Engineers/Professionals having skills in field of Inspection, Surveying, Training, etc can register on goHyP and employers will be able to call professionals for a particular task on a Man-day or Man-hours basis.

    2. Small and Medium scale industries require engineers / professionals  to work on a project basis who may not be required to be on their payrolls and finding such Engineers/ Professionals is a challenge.  goHyP provides a platform to access world class engineers/professionals to small and medium scale industries.

    3. Significant savings on travel costs as the employers will be able to hire professionals locally for activities such as outstation quality inspection/Surveying/expedition at vendor’s end.

    4. Employers will be able to hire high quality professionals/ engineers from across India.

    5. Eliminates/reduces training costs for enhancing skill sets of personnel for new requirements.

    6. Eliminates cost of buying Software like AutoCAD, STAD, Pro-E, CATIA, etc.

    7. Significant reduction in overheads for projects and reduction in hiring costs.

    8. The platform provides option for employers to hire professionals for onsite activities as well as for performing offsite activities.

    9. Complete transparency of entire process, a win-win for both employers and professionals.